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Camera Truck/CCTV Inspection­ Lateral Launch

Miller Pipetech offers a camera truck fleet for all of your main line and lateral line camera needs. Our state of the art camera trucks are equipped with a six­wheeled amphibious robotic crawler with a LAMP II pan & tilt camera for mainline inspection and a mini pan & tilt camera for lateral inspections. The crawler is operated remotely by one of our specially trained operators allowing for immediate analysis. Inspection with the camera truck allows our clients to properly assess the structural integrity of their infrastructure.

    Our camera truck fleet capabilities include:
  • Locating and video documentation of storm and sanitary 6” – 60”mainlines with specific depth calculations
  • Locating and video documentation of storm and sanitary 3” or larger laterals (up to 120’ long) with specific depth calculations
  • Analysis of utility line conditions can be performed in many different formats including NASSCO.

Our team is trained and equipped to handle more complex lateral investigations including lateral launches and push camera runs. Data obtained during video inspections including analysis, photos, and video files are made available to our Clients in digital or hard copy formats. Our Camera Truck can work in conjunction with our combination jet/vac trucks to allow for clean, clear visible documentation of the lines. See our Combination Vac Truck section for more information.


Cross Bore Investigation

Preventing Cross Bores is becoming a top priority within the utility industry, and Miller Pipetech is leading the charge in their detection. With our burgeoning fleet of CCTV lateral launch camera trucks, we are able to provide our Clients with detailed documentation and analysis of their work sites. MPT works in conjunction with local utility companies to investigate potential problem areas. As with all services provided by Miller Pipetech, we take pride in making sure every possible measure is taken to ensure the health and safety of our Clients and that of the general public is not compromised.

    If a cross bore is discovered by our CCTV fleet, Miller Pipetech is able to provide:
  • Video documentation of the investigation
  • Photographs of the cross bore
  • Location information of the cross bore from above ground
  • Accurate locates with specific depths
  • Detailed documents with specific information describing the size of material and type of cross bore
  • Pre & Post utility line installation inspections

Cross Bore Management

One of our core missions at Miller PipeTech is to reduce the risks associated with utility line cross bores. To achieve this mission, MPT has established professional relationships with numerous utility companies and developed associated risk management programs. Our Company’s knowledge and experience in combination with information from our utility partners enables Miller Pipetech to identify potential problem areas such as those where the use of trenchless technologies have created a risk. Miller Pipetech specializes in the Identification of cross bores in highly sensitive areas such as schools, hospitals, or industrial sized buildings where the presence of a cross bore (and associated potential risks) lead to a higher threat to public safety. When assigned to a job Miller Pipetech works with a sense of urgency to rapidly identify any cross bores and bring them to our Client’s attention. Once identified, our Client is able to rectify the cross bore promptly and therefor quickly and seamlessly remove the potential threat to public safety, protecting both our Client and the wellbeing of the general populous.


Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP)

Miller Pipetech is proud to offer the installation of Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP). Utilizing this method, our team can perform trenchless point repairs in various sizes of pipe. CIPP is particularly effective because it may eliminate the hassle and cost of an excavation while also permitting the job to be completed in a more time efficient manner. Additionally our equipment allows for flow­through during the repair and curing process while simultaneously renewing the structural integrity of the pipe. Miller Pipetech’s CIPP materials are 100% environmentally safe.

    Pipes with the following conditions may benefit from a CIPP treatment:
  • Fractures
  • Longitudinal cracks/ horizontal cracks
  • Infiltration
  • Roots
  • Holes

Combination Vacuum/Hydro Jetting

Sanitary and storm pipe lines occasionally need to be cleared of debris and Miller Pipetech is armed with the proper equipment for the job. The Combination Jet/Vac truck uses a powerful hydro jetting system utilizing a variety of cleaning and spinning tips to remove debris from the problem area. With pressure of 2500 (psi) and a flow rate of 80 (gpm), the jet/vac truck cannot only clean the line but vacuum and haul away large amounts of debris. This service is important to municipalities to remove roots, aggregate, debris etc. It is imperative to keep pipelines clear to help prevent problems from occurring and possibly resulting in customer backups. This process works well as a routine maintenance in combination with CCTV inspections to help identify any problem areas.


Manhole Inspections

Manhole Inspections are used to gauge and assess the current conditions of manholes for municipalities. Miller Pipetech is MACP certified in the NASSCO coding system ensuring that we provide the correct information to our municipal clients who can then use proper protocol for corrective action. The purpose of a manhole inspection is to document all of the current conditions within a system. For every manhole inspection that is performed, we provide our clients with a detailed manhole information sheet.

    Manhole Report Information includes:
  • Lid markings and condition
  • Number of holes on lid (for identification)
  • Ladder bars
  • Casting
  • Riser
  • Cone
  • Barrel
  • Bottom of the manhole




Miller PipeTech has the equipment and manpower to complete the job properly and without damage. Hydro­excavation is a form of excavation that uses high­pressured water in conjunction with an air­vacuum to clean and clear an identified work area. As the high pressure water cuts through the material to be removed, the vacuum collects the loosened materials thus clearing the area. The benefits of this type of excavation versus traditional excavation are substantial. One such benefit is the use of hydro excavation prevents the loss of or damage to any other underground utilities that maybe in the excavation area. Additionally hydro excavation is able to produce results that are more accurate and efficient than those resulting from traditional excavation.


Storm Water Pollution Prevention

Miller Pipetech uses various methods to maintain the proper functionality of storm sewers. Utilizing our CCTV camera trucks, MPT is able to televise a storm line and pinpoint problem areas such as those where sink holes may occur or material buildup. CCTV trucks working in conjunction with our combination jet/vac truck are able to clean the impacted segment of pipe allowing for visible inspections. In circumstances that require further attention, Miller Pipetech is able to dye test sewer lines or other storm lines to identify the culprit of the infiltration. In doing so, we are able to perform one of our many operations to ensure the integrity of the line therefor preventing further mishaps.